We call our courses "Avanti" which is Italian for advance. We shy away from the term “retreat” because it feels too passive and does not represent how our programs work.  Our courses require making a proactive choice to improve your life and an active diving into your adventure of your choosing. By taking any one of our courses, participants consciously initiate an entry into something better for their lives. You will be “going into” a deeper and richer life rather than a withdrawal from life

AvanTi Programs

about US

The Institute for Practical Personal Development and Life Elevation, a division of Denisoff Consulting Group, was created to offer real and meaningful programs to help people improve their quality of life.  Our programs, or avantis, are grounded in science and the wisdom of the ages.  We say Practical Personal Improvement because we are all about you increasing the quality of your life. Our courses are about results that make sense, are achievable and help you live a better life.  Our presupposition is that you already have all the tools and capability you need to live the life you want.  Our job is to create the right space and conditions to bring out your best self.  We believe the ancient axiom that, “Healing is nothing more than remembering who you are.”