The Intrinsic Power of Nature

We ground our programs in the presence of nature.  The wisdom of the ages along with our many years of experience show that nature has a rejuvenating effect that can only be found by getting close to the natural world.   By being immersed in nature, participants have breakthroughs and insights that could otherwise not be obtained.  Ultimately we trust in nature as one of the instructors of the course.

The Luxury of Nature

Our programs require participants to sleep in the “luxury of nature” in simple accommodations including a simple tarp, ground pad and nice warm blanket (all provided by us).  For some, this is their first real experience with nature in a long time (or ever) while for others this is the next progression of being in nature.  It is a simplification of life and a return to what is most real.  It is a time to shed the expectations and baggage of society and a return back to the beauty and joy of being you again-- easy to laugh, to be curious and brim full of true energy. Often on our programs the groups find themselves jumping into a cooling stream or having an epic mud fight under the brilliance of the sun or counting the constellations while sitting around a campfire.